Are you considering a donation to New Page Ministries?

Thank you for your willingness and generosity to financially support New Page Ministries: “From New Age to God’s Word.” We are honored by your gift and grateful for your focus on God’s Kingdom and God’s Word.

What will my donation be used for?

Your donation can help in many ways. It can help produce and distribute new videos or other equipping materials. It can help with the daily ministry costs but can also contribute to our new project in Alicante, project BOAT. BOAT (Beginning Of All Things) is a meeting and outreach place, a hub where our creative ministry and Biblical counseling ministry are accommodated, as well as the start of the Center for Biblical Counseling Europe.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

For US donations, we are partnering with Live Global, the partnership arm of the well-known ABWE missions agency (est. 1939). All gifts to our ministry through ABWE are tax-deductible for American citizens. If you are a Dutch citizen and want to make a tax-deductable donation from the Netherlands (ANBI), please visit our Dutch website:

If you are a citizen from another country, your donation is not tax-deductable, but is still very helpful of course!

What happens next?

We would like to thank you personally for your contribution! Notify us at so we can send you a thank you card by mail and keep you informed about ministry developments.

Is New Page Ministries financially accountable to any organization?

We take seriously our God-given responsibility to be wise and responsible with every gift. We are accountable to both ABWE and the Werkers in de Wijngaard foundation. Missions agency ABWE is E.C.F.A. accredited. This affirms their membership with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, a group of religious and educational organizations committed to financial integrity.

Thank you again for your generosity to New Page Ministries.

Ways to donate: