Ingrid Bijl

Ingrid Bijl serves God through her work as a Biblical counselor. She is also involved in starting the Center for Biblical Counseling Europe, Lord willing of course. Ingrid is a certified Biblical counselor (ABC).

Professional background:

For over 20 years Ingrid has supported individuals, teams and organizations as a coach, counselor and consultant. Communication, personal growth and organizational development were her main focus points.

Ingrid started working as a freelance trainer in 1998 and was educated as a project manager in 2003. In 2007 she was certified as an Academic Intercultural Coach & Counselor, and in 2013 she received her Kirkpatrick Evaluation certification (Kirkpatrick Institute) and also her Organizational Behavior Management certification (OBM 2014).

She has been working in and for profit and non-profit organizations in health, education and government.  As an entrepreneur she organized high end private business retreats for CEO’s, managers and entrepreneurs, together with Ingrid van den Boogaard (Bo).

Ingrid speaks Dutch (fluent), English (fluent), Spanish (intermediate), German (basic), French (basic).

Ingrid Bijl was born in Weesp, the Netherlands. She now lives in the area of Alicante, Spain (Europe). She has been married twice (before her conversion), has 2 daughters and is the grandmother of 3 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. Ingrid lives a life of celibacy.

In 2018, after 35+ years of New Age teachings and modern spirituality, God revealed Himself clearly to Ingrid through the Bible. In this interview with She Rises, she shares her testimony: