Biblical counseling is an important way to share God’s truth. One of our goals is to establish the Center for Biblical Counseling Europe, Lord willing of course. In Europe, with 446 million inhabitants, there are almost no Biblical counselors. In New Page Ministries, Ingrid Bijl is mainly focused on the Biblical Counseling ministry.

“Now all these things are from God, who reconciled us to Himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation” 2 Corinthians 5:18

Why Biblical Counseling?

Life brings us all kinds of circumstances. How we deal with them depends on our beliefs. The Bible teaches us that we can overcome worry, stress or emotional issues in our life by being obedient to God.

A Changed Heart

In Biblical counseling we are looking to our external source of truth and wisdom, Jesus Christ. We need the Holy Spirit to bring change in our hearts and to bring forth changed feelings, changed thoughts and changed attitudes. Only through a changed heart we can be reconciled with Him and others. Only through a changed heart we can submit to God’s will for our lives and will we be able to find lasting joy and peace.

A Biblical counselor recognizes the Word of God as complete, sufficient and infallible, and able to deal with every life situation. By studying and submitting to His Word we are able to change wrong ways of thinking and we can deal with our emotional and mental struggles.

Why not secular counseling?

Ingrid Bijl: “As you can read on my personal page and in my articles, I have been coach and counselor for many years. My counseling was, just like my view on life, inspired by New Age- and secular thinking and involved a lot of different secular, psychological practices.

In secular counseling and psychology counselors and therapists are looking for the solution of most problems within the counselees. Counselees are directed to improve themselves, to grow in self-esteem and their sense of self-worth. In secular counseling the counselees are urged and trained to support themselves from within, from their own source of energy, their own truth, their own morality and according to their own idea of God.”

Biblical Counseling Ministry in Europe

“Since 2016 I live in Spain, a country dominated by a deep-rooted aversion of everything ‘religious’ and ‘church’. The population exists mainly of atheists and nominal Catholics. Only 0,4% of the population considers itself a reformed, evangelical or pentecostal Christian. Spain is therefore sometimes called ‘the spiritually darkest place of Europe’.

My home country The Netherlands has a religious history, both on the Catholic and on the reformed side of the spectrum. New Age and post-modern thinking however is rampant, even under Christians. Recent statistics (CBS 2018) reveal that 78% of the Dutch population never goes to a church or religious service. Only 10% attends church at least once a week.”

3 Ministry Goals

New Page Ministries has 3 goals regarding the Biblical Counseling Ministry:

  1. Making Biblical Counseling more known in Europe
    The Word of God is needed in Europe. Biblical counseling is an important way to share God’s truth.
  2. Establishing the Center for Biblical Counseling Europe In Europe, with 446 million inhabitants, Biblical counselors are few and far between.
  3. Offer Biblical Counseling and Christian Retreats
    We offer Biblical counseling and Christian retreats to help those in need. For more information go to Biblical Counseling Europe .